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What is Historical Investor?
Historical Investor is an on-line aplication that enables:

1) training trading skills on real past data from Futures and Forex market. Testing and training works as simulator with feature of placing trades and fast forward of historical data,

2) testing trading techniques and ideas

3) taking on-line exams with results available for financial institutions' recruiters.
Do I have to install the application on my computer?
No. This is a web application that works in browsers (Chrome, FireFox). However, you can download a shortcut onto your desktop and run it as a regular desktop aplication.
What browsers are supported by Historical Investor?
For now Historical Investor is being supported by Chrome and Mozilla FireFox. In the future it will also be available for Safari and Internet Explorer.
Does HI require a a specific operating system?
No. HI requires a supported browser only.
Do I have to pay for using demo version of the application?
No. The demo is free and doesn't require providing any personal data of the users. All you need to use a demo is clicks 'Go To Demo' button on website's landing page.
What's the difference between demo and full version of the application?
Demo version is limited in terms of tradable historical data (2 weeks) and instrument. Demo version doesn't have on-line exams.
What financial instruments are available in HI?
Available instruments are most liquid CME Futures and 60 Forex pairs. You find here the full table with availabe instruments.
Does the application require importing historical data from an independent data feed?
No. The HI application doesn't require any external data feed. Data feed is provided automatically depending on the user's subscriptions.
What are the service prices?
The subscription's pricing is not flat and it is dependent on the number of selected instruments and subscription duration. Details are available here.
How can I pay for using the service?
Only PayPal is available.
Do I get any discount for choosing subscription that contains more instruments/data?
Yes. You will get discount not only for bigger amount of selected instruments but also for subscription period longer than 1 month. Detailed information about discounts is available here.
Can I buy multi-user subscription ?
Not for now. We plan to add this feature in the next release.
Do I have to pay for the application upgrades?
No. Upgrades are free.
Do I have to pay extra for historical data using the application?
No. Using data related to selected instruments is always included in the regular subscription price.
How often is the past market data updated?
Forex data is updated every week and Futures data is updated every month.
How do on-line exams work?
User specifies the exam type; the system chooses a fragment of historical data from the instruments range specified by the user in a random fashion. AUser can take 3 types of exam sessions:

The session contains a fragment of historical data related to a selected financial instrument (Future of FX pair)

The session contains a fragment of historical data related to a selected group of financial instrument (FX Majors or FX Crosses)

The session contains a fragment of historical data of a selected financial market (FX or Futures).

Time scale at the bottom of the chart is fake so the user can't check in another source what were the actual past data.

When the on-line exam is completed, its results are saved in the user profile. He can publish his results in public ranking at any time. Once he makes his results public, they stay in ranking forever. Other exam sessions of the user will be saved again in the user profile and possibly made public. The results of the recent published exam sessions will be added to the existing ones in the ranking.
What's in it for me?
On-line exams give the possibility to show that you have accomodated your own trading strategy which gives you an edge and by this also a real potential for achieving consistent profits when trading real money. On-line examination demonstrated your trading skills under more demanding conditions than regular training sessions. We believe that the ranking data give the public sufficient information to know if the examined person has work out a solid method that offers a real potential for consistent results in trading.

Trading results in ranking are the reliable source of information for recruiters from trading insdustry like proprietary trading firms, banks, hedge funds, investment funds, trading communities, individual investors etc. These institutions ara able to communicate with any user within the service for a small fee.