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Train your trading skills in fast motion Finetune your strategy according to your style Learn risk management by keeping track of risk/reward ratio Minimize losses before trading live

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Highly usable interface Training trading skills on most popular Futures and Forex pairs Possibility to observe fundamental data on the chart Feature of doing an exam test No download necessary

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Our data providers:
cme dukascopy


Test your strategies and train your trading skills with HI efficiency and safety

Work out an effective method and the mindset of a consistent trader to succeed in extremely competitive trading environment. Acquiring expert skills in any field requires a lot of practice and experience and trading is no exception. Learning and training are the ultimate way to achieving consistent profits, as consistent traders are not born, but made. When using HI, you are able to understand typical weaknesses of an average trader that lead to failure. You can reduce or even eliminate them before trading live, which will save you from bearing unnecessary financial losses. We get our data directly from CME Group, so training and testing is done on real data.

our data providers:

CME Group: Futures and Options Trading for Risk Management Forex Club - Dukascopy Bank


Test your method manually using our simulator on past live data

Develop 3 foundations of trading: Strategy, Discipline and Money Management:

  • Work out an effective strategy or technique – clear criteria that justify trade, stop loss, take profit and highly favourable risk/reward ratio (a potential high profit related to potential low loss)
  • Get to know the value of discipline – deep and commited decision to selective approach to trades, cutting losses short and managing capital resulting from acceptance of the risk.
  • Experience the power of money management – trading stakes that are not too high; increasing the trade unit on profit, reducing it on loss – it is money management that applied with strategy and discipline ensures financial security and way to consistent profits.


Develop your trading strategy into an automated system and test it on historical data

Code your trading strategy in your favorite programming language using our comprehensive API that allows automated testing even the most advanced trading strategies. You can also use our built-in framework in Python – one of the easiest coding lanugages to learn and use that is also to master by non programmers.

Python constructs are easy to start with, provided mathematical functions are ready to use and the language itself does not require compilation stage. This allows you to try and test your automated systems quickly and fine tune it to get best possible results.


Use our on-line exam service as a Trader and/or Recruiter


Train your trading skills in fast motion, examine them on-line and make exam's results public afterwards. If you manage to achieve top 10 rank in our ranking, you get a real chance for working with a financial institution from trading industry that may be interested in your skills.


Observe our rankings and search out trainee traders among HI-users that show the highest consistency. As a recruiter you can find the candidates that show the best trading aptitude on a specific market that you are interested in most. Test trading skills of your candidates – you can use HI application as part of your recruitment process by evaluating the skills of a candidate on a fragment of historical data for him to trade in fast motion.

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